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Shyquel Allison, Founder and Executive Director of The Three M's, Inc.

Former Miss Randolph County| Former Miss Black Durham USA | Former Miss Black High Point USA

Shyquel Allison is a Professional School Counselor in North Carolina who believes in investing in the lives of youth. She is a servant leader who is passionate about helping youth realize their full potential.

Furthermore, she believes it is important for everyone to walk boldly in their purpose. 
As a teenager, Shyquel was blessed by mentors who showed her how to walk boldly in her purpose.

Today, she does the same for youth across the state of North Carolina in her role as a professional school counselor and as the executive director of The Three M's. The Three M's, Incorporated empowers and equip youth with tools and resources to reach their fullest potential.

"My only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me."-Acts 20:24

Shyquel's Why

Shyquel believes that now, more than ever, teens need someone who will support them and encourage them to follow their dreams. Teens today need mentors and programming that will inspire and motivate them to reach their full potential. The founder and executive director of The Three M’s, Incorporated understands the importance of mentorship and investing in youth. After being told that she was not capable of following her dreams, she knew that she did not want another child to have to experience the same thing. She dreamed of attending High Point University. After sharing her dream college with her school counselor, she was told that she should not apply to her dream college because she would not be accepted. She had hoped to receive guidance and support from her school counselor, but she received the opposite. Fortunately, she had mentors and was part of an organization that invested in young girls teaching them leadership skills and how to be servant leaders in their communities. Having mentors and being part of an organization that believed in her gave her the support she needed to apply to her dream college. In 2019, she graduated from her dream college with honors. Today she serves as a school counselor. Her goal is to support and encourage youth to walk boldly in their purpose and never let anyone tell them that they cannot do something.
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