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Making Goals, Making Visions, and Making Dreams A Reality for Youth!

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To teach youth how to make their goals, visions, and dreams a reality.


To empower and equip youth with tools and resources to reach their full potential.



The Three M’s selects boys and girls that are between the ages of 11-15. The participants are identified within the public schools of North Carolina by their teachers, school counselors, or principals. After completing the leadership academy participants will be placed in one of three programs. The Three M’s programs include the Goals Program, Visions Program, and Dreams Program. The outcome of all three programs is for participants to be inspired to follow their dreams and become leaders in their schools, communities, careers, and the world. Participants who complete The Three M’s programs are better able to identify what their goals, visions, and dreams are and how to make them a reality. The Three M’s provides financial literacy workshops, college tours, mentoring, and service-learning opportunities. Participants are required to enter into the Three M’s leadership academy before beginning the programs. Once participants complete the leadership academy, they can begin the first program: The Goals Program. Participants must complete each program before entering the next.

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